MAG at the Multifunctional Center "Orion"

MAG at the Multifunctional Center "Orion"

“Orion” in Glusk (Belarus) is a new cinema and concert hall rolled into one. Two years ago, the former cinema turned into a modern center of culture and arts. After a big renovation, the area of ​​the center has grown three times bigger. Now there’s a modern movie theater, disco hall, creative studios and even the marriage registry office. The sound reinforcement project at the center was implemented by CinemaNext Belarus.

Technical requirements 

The main hall in “Orion” is used both as a cinema and a concert venue with a stage, which gathers a full house for each great city holiday. The technical team faced the following task in terms of providing sound - the first one is to provide cinematic sound according to modern 3D audio standards. The second one is to provide the solutions for concerts and theater performances with maximum sound coverage in the auditorium, high speech intelligibility and easy-to-operate control interface. In addition, in a separate room it was necessary to provide an audio set for discos and children's parties, which could be transported if necessary.

MAG loudspeakers line offers solutions for various applications with the help of which you can equip with professional sound even such combined types of locations. In the multifunctional hall "Orion" two independent systems were designed applying MAG Cinema and MAG Audio systems for movies and pro audio sound, respectively.

Cinema acoustics

Thanks to the MAG Cinema systems, the sound in “Orion” fully meets the requirements of modern cinema standards. Three MAG SCR-215A screen systems, designed specifically for medium-sized rooms up to 20 meters in length, provide the main sound during screenings. Low-frequency support is provided by two MAG H-Sub subwoofers. And surround sound is provided by 18 x MAG SUR-101 surround systems.

Concert sound

The Cluster series systems were chosen for concert use. This line array for fixed installations combines the best capabilities of line arrays with ease of installation and integration. Thanks to the well-selected vertical splay angle you can direct sound in such a way, which helps you completely cover the audience with clear powerful sound. In this case, a 256-seater hall was equipped with two line arrays, each one consisting of 1x MAG Cluster and 3 x MAG Cluster 8 with an opening angle of 8°.

4 MAG Sub H18 subwoofers were installed under the stage in technical niches, and 4 x MAG Focus series monitors were placed on the stage. MAG Z 320A on each side was used as side-fills.

Disco hall

On the second floor of the center there’s a small disco hall for 100 people. It required a system capable of delivering sound at the location, and if necessary also used as a mobile set outdoors or in the lobby. Active MAG Zeries systems are perfect for these tasks so here the technicians used 4 x MAG Z 355A and 4 subwoofers MAG Z 318A. Also, a MAG Z 320A system was used as a DJ-fill.


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