About Us

For many years, MAG Audio Company has created a long tradition to satisfy costumer’s needs first.

Based on more than 20 years of experience, MAG Audio had assembled a professional team of audio-engineers, technicians and audio-experts working towards the same goal: provide best solutions for any sound-reinforcement challenges our clients come up with.

MAG Audio has developed wide range of products for various applications, including touring sound, installation sound, portable sound, and automotive sound, performed numerous audio-visual installations, collaborated with many complementary products suppliers, all with the essential idea to better understand needs of our end-users.

Following this philosophy, we have developed the line of carefully designed cinema-oriented products. Created in collaboration with several cinema installation providers, we have ensured our products to be reliable, easy to set-up and competitive.

Our two-way and three-way behind-screen speakers provide recommended coverage and increased rated power, as the result, the entire cinema sound system has enough headroom to meet sound pressure requirements of modern cinemas.

Cinema subwoofers of increased volumes and inflexible cabinet designs provide massive low-end reproduction.

High power long excursion heavy-duty drivers mean more reliability, more headroom, and less maintenance costs.

MAG audio’s cinema surrounds come in various sizes and have several mounting options, ensuring quick and easy installation of entire cinema sound system.

With deep understanding, that in rapidly growing world of audio-visual entertainment it is important to react quickly to market’s needs, MAG Audio is proud of its great history of helping many and many installations to reach recognition, distinction and success.

There no secret that we are producing our sound systems totally in our factory in Bila Tserkva. MAG Cinema Company - it is a big team of professionals that creates, engineers and explores more and more of new products every day.