Surround Speakers

Whatever design you have in mind, MAG Cinema will surely surprise you. Starting with small and professional home cinemas and up to large-scale indoor and outdoor theaters, our surround speakers come in many shapes, sizes, and performance capabilities.

Based on our own carefully designed and fine-tuned components, our surround systems provide smooth operation and optimal coverage, and are approved to be used with latest 3D sound cinema standards.

With comprehensive range of installation accessories, including fittings and brackets, MAG Cinema surround speakers are easily mounted for quick overall installation times. Provided 7-year warranty, it is a kind of equipment you can rely on for years.

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SUR-61s are designed for small and mid sized multi-channel surround sound installations, featuring m..
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SUR-82 is a compact coaxial surround speaker with multiple installation options. Flying brackets all..
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Featuring modern cool professional looks, SUR-101 is a versatile surround speakers system for cinema..
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SUR-1200 is a high-power frontal surround speaker specifically designed to deliver necessary SPL and..
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Benefiting from “professional” look, SUR-121 high-power multichannel surround sound speaker have mul..
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SUR-15 is a powerful surround sound speaker, designed to be perfect transition speaker for Dolby Atm..
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Immensely powerful coaxial surround speaker, SUR-151 is designed for long throw, large theater appli..
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With new modern cool professional looks, SUR-201 offers significant sound pressure for larger cinema..
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