It’s impossible to imagine a modern cinema without thunderous deep sound. For the cinemas that long for it, MAG Cinema provides a range of high performance, rigid and reliable cinema subwoofers.

Based on extensive experience of pro-audio, we have built subwoofers designed to withstand most demanding cinema soundtracks imaginable. Own design and production of low-frequency transducers and effective enclosures fit perfectly global cinema experience, which MAG Cinema speakers surely have contributed to.

Featuring large-scale subwoofers for big theaters, main subwoofer channel, smaller solution for more compact cinemas, and specific wall mountable subwoofers for modern 3D sound cinema standards – all of this is provided with MAG Cinema 7-year warranty.

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The 18” high efficiency subwoofer, SUB-418 is a perfect solution for small to mid-sized halls. Addit..
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High-power 21” subwoofer, SUB-421 covers wide range of hall sizes. Long excursion high sensitivity d..
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The dual 18’’ high efficiency subwoofer, SUB-428 allows to cover wide range of hall sizes. Long ..
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V-Sub is a highly effective low depth cinema subwoofer specifically designed for applications where ..
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W-Sub is specifically designed for cinemas with extremely tight behind screen space. It is based on ..
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Bringing the new edge to the cinema low frequency reinforcement, H-Sub is the innovative neodymium b..
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THOR — the most advanced cinema subwoofer in the world, designed to bring unparalleled cinema experi..
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It’s impossible to imagine a modern cinema without thunderous deep sound. For the cinemas that long ..
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F-Sub is a subwoofer specifically designed as a back wall subwoofer channel speaker. Powerful, ..
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High power subwoofer, designed specifically to be used as a surround subwoofer channel unit. Loaded ..
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XL-Sub is an ultimate surround subwoofer. Loaded with two extremely powerful 18” long excursion tran..
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