Screen Speakers

MAG Cinema screen systems are designed to provide smooth sound and maximum clarity, regardless the sizes of the theatre or the location of the spectator seats.

Three-way systems, featuring increased volume low frequency section for extended cinema bass reproduction, are based on our own high quality components, designed specifically for demanding modern cinema requirements.

For smaller installation, compact easy-to-mount and setup two-way screen speakers are available. They will bring the atmosphere of big theaters into smaller theaters and professional home cinemas.

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SCR-210A is a powerful center-left-right screen speaker for small cinemas that aspires to provide th..
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Two-way 12” + 1” screen speaker, the SCR-212A allows feeling the whole power of sound in small-sized..
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Extremely powerful two-way compact 15”+1,4” screen speaker, the SCR-215A is a topline solution for s..
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SCR-315F is a speaker system delivering high sound pressure levels for professional cinema applicat..
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SCR-315M is about commitment to clarity and positioning of your cinema sound picture. 3-way system i..
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When “enough“ is just not enough. Dual 15”, Dual 8” screen speaker is PACKING. The ultimate solution..
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SCR-335LA is the ultimate screen speaker solution, loaded with triple 15” low section and hoarding 2..
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