MAG WASP at the Iconic Hall in Oslo, Norway

MAG WASP at the Iconic Hall in Oslo, Norway

The Frogner Kino theater opened last year after restoration in Oslo, Norway. With the interior recreated in the spirit of the 1920s, and screenings of timeless classics and silent movies, this fabulous boutique cinema takes visitors on a journey back in time. As for the sound reinforcement, it needed an audio system that would complement and enhance the unique retro atmosphere of the theater while meeting the expectations of modern cinema-goers. And MAG Audio acoustical systems coped with these tasks perfectly.

At the time, a typical feature of some silent movie theaters was that they were designed as sumptuous dream palaces with special architecture style and numerous decorative elements. Frogner Kino is the only one of its kind left in the Nordic countries.

The screening room is striking in its grandeur — clouds rise above the screen, framed by the columns, and the starry pattern on the ceiling creates a sense of being outdoors. Special mention should be made of the orchestra that plays during the screenings of silent films.

“We have recreated architect Lars Backer's original interior. In 1926, Frogner Kino was a silent film cinema with an orchestra pit. We have returned it. But we have also added all the technical facilities that a modern cinema must have”, comments Tove Kampestuen, cinema director at Frogner.

If earlier the effect of immersion was created with the help of scenery and paintings, now the atmosphere can be also enhanced with the help of sound. To provide the screening room with the professional audio setup, Kino & AV Teknikk AS installation company opted for MAG acoustical systems.

“Since Frogner is an unusual movie theater with an orchestra playing several times a month, we chose the MAG WASP line array, with 110° horizontal dispersion, as the main sound. Thanks to the accuracy and clarity of MAG WASP, amplified orchestral instruments sound natural, contributing to the authenticity. We installed 3 x MAG WASP on each side of the orchestra pit, and also behind the screen. They were perfectly complemented by the subwoofers of the same series — 6 x MAG WASP-S18 in total”, comments Hugo Fuhlendorff, technical manager at Kino & AV Teknikk AS.

Additional low frequency support is provided by 2 x MAG Sub 28. As for the surround sound, 12 customized MAG SUR-103 surround systems were installed around the room.

“In order to maintain the historical atmosphere of the theater, we ordered customized coaxial surround systems based on MAG SUR-103. With grill cloth fabric, metal logos, and lacquered cabinets retaining natural wood grain, the design merely resembles old fashioned radios”, added Hugo.



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