MAG Cinema in Reel Cinema Chorley

MAG Cinema in Reel Cinema Chorley

Reel Cinemas is a family-owned cinema chain operating 15 sites across the United Kingdom. Today, it’s one of the largest independent operators and developers of multiplex cinemas in the country. One of the latest cinemas, Reel Cinemas Chorley, opened its doors to moviegoers at the end of the last year. MAG Cinema speakers were entrusted to bring high-quality audio experience at the new modern movie theater.

The Chorley city has been missing a movie theater for about 33 years. And now, it finally welcomes a state-of-the-art cinema complex as part of the new Market Walk shopping center extension.

The cinema comprises two screening rooms with around 150 seats each and another three with seating up to 100 each. The sixth screen is a small VIP lounge with a capacity of 40 seats. To meet the latest requirements of modern cinemas in terms of sound design, all of the screens are equipped with the MAG Cinema state-of-the-art speaker systems.

For primary sound reproduction, 12 x 2-way MAG SCR-215A were installed in middle-sized rooms. 6 x 3-way MAG SCR-325LA deliver sound in big screening rooms — for they have a reinforced low-frequency section capable of covering halls up to 30 meters in length.

Low frequency support in Reel Cinema Chorley is ensured by 14 x MAG SUB-428. This dual 18" subwoofer has high sensitivity, which can significantly reduce the cost of amplification without loss in pressure or sound quality.

As for the surround sound, the Reel Chorley Cinema boasts 86 x MAG SUR-82. These are compact coaxial surround systems delivering perfectly positioned sound regardless of the listening angle — ideal for 3D cinema sound.

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