Renovated Cinema City Mammut in Budapest Welcomes MAG Cinema Speakers

Renovated Cinema City Mammut in Budapest Welcomes MAG Cinema Speakers

Cinema City is the international chain of multiplex cinemas and the largest operator in Central Eastern Europe, and also Israel. It’s part of CineWorld Group — the second largest cinema operator in the world. 

Cinema City has a history of over 20 years. The first theater was opened in Budapest (Hungary), and it was the first multiplex of the brand to be opened in Central and Eastern Europe. Since then, several multiplexes were launched in other Hungarian cities, after which theaters began to be launched in other countries: Poland, Israel, Chezch Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. In total, Cinema City brand has 1006 screens and 102 locations to date.

One movie theater of the brand, the one located in Mammut mall, Budapest, was equipped with the MAG Cinema acoustic systems as part of recent renovations.

After reconstruction works that lasted for three months and were finished in the end of 2019, the cinema has reopened featuring refined interior design, new screens and state-of-the-art sound system.

Overall, the cinema has five rooms with a total number of 880 seats. And all the five rooms are equipped with MAG Cinema loudspeakers: screen systems — 15 x MAG SCR-325LA, subwoofers — 6 x MAG T-SUB и 2 x MAG F-SUB and surround systems — 28 x MAG SUR-121, 4 x MAG SUR-151,  2 x MAG SUR-15 и 52 x MAG SUR-82.

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