T-Sub - Cinema subwoofer

T-Sub - Cinema subwoofer
Impressive power
High-power solutions based on pro-audio experience
Heavy duty
Rigid anti-resonant extremely efficient cabinets
Long-excursion own produced low-frequency transducers
Designed to fit into modern cinema audio standards

The “workhorse“ of many and many installations, T-Sub’s dual 18” effective design delivers almost subsonic support for your cinema speaker system. Thunderous explosions and dramatic orchestral music have just gained a new level of credibility.

Product description:

Cinema subwoofer

Main features:

  • 2000W nominal power;
  • 2x18” woofers with 4” voice coil;
  • 137 dB Max SPL;
  • Efficient vented box design.

Type Passive cinema subwoofer
Acoustical & Electrical data
Frequency response (±3 dB) 31 - 140 Hz
Sensitivity (1W/1m) (half-space) 1 98 dB
Max sound pressure level 2 137 dB
LF Transducer 2x 18”, 4” VC
Impedance 8+8 Ohm (T-Sub-88); 4+4 Ohm (T-Sub-44)
Rated power 3 2000 W
Connections and physical data
Connectors Barrier strip screw terminal
Dimensions (WxHxD) 1230x750x600 mm
Net weight 99 kg
Shipping weight 108 kg
Enclosure materials Plywood; wear-resistant paint

1 dBSPL, IEC 60268-5 pink noise, 1 W / 1 m

2 dBSPL peak, IEC 60268-5 pink noise, measured on nominal power, 6 dB crest factor

3 2 hour power test, IEC filtered noise, 6 dB crest factor