New TGV Multiplex Cinema in Malaysia Featuring MAG Cinema systems

New TGV Multiplex Cinema in Malaysia Featuring MAG Cinema systems

TGV Cinemas is a pioneer in cinema innovation and one of the leading multiplex cinema operators in Malaysia. It has 36 multiplexes over the country including 288 screens and more than 48,000 seats. The last movie theater was opened in Johor Bahru city in Toppen shopping center and is equipped with MAG Cinema speakers.

The total TGV Toppen cinema’s seating capacity is 1443. Eight halls in the theater are equipped with the MAG Cinema speakers: 24 screen speakers, 17 subwoofers and 122 surround speakers. All the speakers are strategically placed in the screening rooms to maximize the immersive sound experience. 

Chung Shyh Kwong, the TGV Cinemas general manager in charge of business development, has shared his thoughts about 8 cinema halls equipped with MAG cinema speakers at TGV Toppen:

TGV is always ready to adopt new sound technology that will enhance the customer’s experience. We have tested MAG in one of our flagship locations TGV iCity Shah Alam and we are very pleased with the results. We have decided to extend it to our 8 cinema halls in our latest flagship opening, TGV Toppen Shopping Centre. The clarity, power and good sound coverage gives out very good surround and low frequency effects which meets our expectations for our movie-goers to enjoy the experience.


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