MAG Cinema in Etoile Cinémas Béthune in France

MAG Cinema in Etoile Cinémas Béthune in France

Etoile Cinémas Béthune is a new multiplex cinema in Bethune city (France). For the past sixteen years, there have been no cinemas in Bethune, so its opening has become a truly significant event for the city. Moreover, this theater has got the biggest screen in the entire Pas-de-Calais department — 20 meters wide. With the installation of state-of-the-art MAG Cinema audio system, Etoile Cinémas entrusted our partner Cinema Next France, the largest cinema integration company in Europe.

Much anticipated opening of the cinema was planned back in 2012, but the construction works were delayed due to the competitive environment, as several cinema chains had also shown their interest in this project. Ultimately, the decision was made in favor of Etoile Cinémas, but the construction works weren’t finished until the beginning of 2020.

The official opening of the theater took place this spring, but it started full operation only after quarantine in June. 

The cinema has a capacity of 1500 seats and 9 screening rooms, all equipped with the MAG Cinema loudspeakers. Every screening room is equipped with the three screening systems. In total, Etoile Cinémas features 3 x SCR-335L, 6 x SCR-325L and 18 x SCR-315F. For low frequencies reproduction, 16 subwoofers were used in the cinema: 14 x T-Sub and 2 x L-Sub. And to create an immersive audio experience, the system was supplemented with 134 surround loudspeakers: 104 x SUR-121, 6 x SUR-151, 2 x SUR 81 and 22 x SUR-15.

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