Multiplex in Kharkiv with MAG Cinema

Multiplex in Kharkiv with MAG Cinema

Multiplex is the largest Ukrainian cinema chain, founded in 2004. Today the chain already has 28 cinemas in the largest cities of the country. The new Multiplex was opened in Kharkiv and now it’s the largest cinema in the city. The opening took place at the end of May in the new shopping center “Nikolsky”. The sound in the cinema is provided by MAG Cinema systems. 


"Nikolsky" shopping mall is a huge center, stylized according to the architecture of the surrounding area. It covers an area of 105 thousand square meters. 

Multiplex in “Nikolskiy” provides the highest level of comfort and the opportunity to choose the format of screening to your liking. You can watch a movie in the chill-out area with poufs, or choose a room with recliner chairs, watch a film with Ukrainian captions, or watch a movie in the original. And the surround picture and surround sound will especially appeal to fans of spectacular 3D effects. 

In total, there are 8 screens in the movie theater. The MAG SCR-22M and MAG SCR-35L screen systems are used as the main sound for large and medium-sized halls. They have HF-MF sections with pan/tilt function for precise sound positioning. In smaller halls, the super-thin MAG SCR-435 and MAG SCR-415 screen systems are used - specially designed for small halls, which can significantly spare space. 

For low frequencies, in most screening rooms are used MAG X-Sub and MAG SUB-428. The immersive surround sound is ensured by the two models of surround systems - MAG SUR-103 and MAG SUR-408.

A total of 15 screen-systems, 10 subwoofers and 82 surround MAG Cinema systems were installed in the cinema. 

In addition to the speaker systems, the cinema applies a unique DANA sound reinforcement solution. Without the additional film processor, the function of which is by the master amplifier "AE", the work of the entire system is greatly simplified. DANA allows you to use fewer devices, whilst less conversions contribute to perfect sound. (Learn more about the benefits of the DANA system). 

The installation in the cinema was implemented by CinemaNext.


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