DANA: an innovative cinema network amplification solution

DANA: an innovative cinema network amplification solution

MAG Cinema has successful launched a new cinema network amplification solution - DANA (Direct AES and Network Amplifiers). It is an innovative approach allowing a simpler cinema system design without the necessity for any additional cinema processor. Based on many years of experience in cinema installations, DANA features smart, efficient design while providing advanced possibilities for theaters.

What is DANA? 

DANA’s functionality is based on MAG DC series - a new versatile signal distribution and amplification platform for cinemas, designed specifically to be used with the MAG cinema speaker series. The series includes DC 600A/DC 600AEDC 1200A/DC 1200AEDC 1208A/DC1208AE and DC 3000A/DC 3000AE.

These amplifiers include a modern DSP, ready speaker presets, remote control monitoring via dedicated software suite and digital AES/EBU input capability, that can be used for direct connection with the cinema server and integration with TMS.

DANA solution involves usage of MAG DC amplifiers, given that the configuration comprises only one AE model per room, which is doing the work of the sound processor. Learn how DANA works.

Key advantages of DANA are:

  • Better sound due to less conversions
  • Easier connections and fast setup due to less devices to wire and presets
  • Increased redundancy and reliability
  • Very attractive TCO (no sound processor needed)

“We are very excited to see the first multiplexes in Korea, France, Vietnam… running with our new amplifiers platform,” said Jérôme Michel, MAG Cinema Sales Director. “With the rising desire for increased technical efficiency, it was important that we continue to deliver our premium sound quality with a cost attractive and well-designed amplification solution”.

The MAG Cinema DANA suite is available at your local distributor.


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