Megarama Cinema in Nice: French Aesthetics, Art-house and Novice Technologies // MAG Cinema

Megarama Cinema in Nice: French Aesthetics, Art-house and Novice Technologies // MAG Cinema

On December 11, Megarama Cinema, one of the leading cinema chains in France, opened another cinema — this time in the city of Nice. The three-story building is complemented by the architectural ensemble — the carved facade is notable for its ‘cinema’  word used as sort of an ornament. The cinema looks especially stunning in the evening, when the lights are on. The technical content is no less magnificent than the design.

The program in the cinema is formed to satisfy the widest tastes of moviegoers. However, the owners decided to put a special focus on arthouse movies, for which two screening rooms were allocated. Additional emphasis is put on the movies in the original language.

The theater has 10 halls in total; all of them are equipped with the speakers from MAG Cinema. There are six halls on the first floor, and four on the second, one of which is the famous Horizon room. The room is equipped with 4K laser projectors from Barco, a large wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling screen, and Dolby Atmos audio technology.

The main sound in all cinemas is provided by three models of screen systems: MAG SCR-335LAMAG SCR-22MMAG SCR-325LA.

For low frequencies, MAG SUB-428 subwoofer was used in all the halls. One such sub allows to cover halls up to 13 meters in length; and with the help of two, one can cover halls up to 24 meters in length.

As for the surround sound, the technicians applied MAG SUR-83MAG SUR-103MAG SUR-123 and MAG SUR-153 surround systems throughout the cinema. Thanks to these coaxial systems with 8", 10", 12"and 15" drivers respectively, high-quality sound can cover halls of all sizes and parameters, eliminating zones of silence.

The surround system is complemented by the MAG L-Sub and MAG MAG F-Sub surround subwoofers. These subs are specially designed for wall mounting, for side and rear walls, allowing spectators to enjoy immersive surround sound with all its wide range.

In total, Megarama Cinema Nice comprises 29 screen systems, 18 subwoofers, 144 surround systems and 35 surround subwoofers from MAG Cinema.

The project was implemented by CinemeNext company.

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