The Cannes Film Festival featuring MAG Cinema Sound

The Cannes Film Festival featuring MAG Cinema Sound

From 6th to 17th of July, the 74th Cannes Film Festival took place in Cannes. The cult film event is like an indicator for modern world cinema arts. Every year, dozens of film masterpieces are screened within the competition program. Now, the most sophisticated moviegoers will enjoy watching the best films with the sound from MAG.

This year, the festival started traditionally - with the red carpet on the Boulevard de la Croisette. All eyes were focused on the jury with Spike Lee as their head. The jury included French singer Mylene Farmer, director and screenwriter Jessica Hausner, actress and producer Maggie Gyllenhaal, director Kleber Mendonsa Filho, as well as actors Tahar Raheem (“The Prophet”), Song Kang Ho (“Parasites”), Melanie Laurent (“The Illusion of Deception”).

During the official part, actress and director Jodie Foster was awarded an honorary Palme d'Or - for a brilliant path in career and "unique personal qualities".

At the end of the evening the guests enjoyed watching the musical film "Annette" starring Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver. The film was directed by Leos Carax in collaboration with the Sparks music band.

In total, more than 60 films were presented at the film festival, 24 of which were included in the official competition program. The main prize of the festival - “Palme d'Or” - went to the film “Titan” by Julia Ducorno.

Cineum Cannes. State-of-the-art cinema in Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival got a new location this year - the Cineum Cannes multiplex. The cinema with an area of ​​9000 square meters has 2400 seats and 12 cinemas. All the screening rooms at the festival’s new location are equipped with MAG Cinema acoustic systems.

The official opening of the multiplex to the public took place on August 3d, but the guests of the great film festival were the first to check out the new attraction of Cannes.

The new premium cinema is located in the La Bocca area. It’s equipped with the most advanced technologies and is part of a large-scale project for the cultural development of the area. In addition to the cinema itself, a high-tech expo center, restaurants, cafes and even a brewery are designed in the complex. The fascinating futuristic design and state-of-the-art technology - this is what makes the cinema one of the best in Europe.

This project started 6 years ago with the announcement of the new cinema construction tender, which will attract more visitors to this part of the city. In addition to participating in the festival, the Cineum is expected to attract about 700,000 visitors a year and will become the most visited cultural center in the La Bocca area. The Mayor of Cannes David Lisnard comments on the grand opening with pride:

With a total capacity of 2 426 chairs (including latest generation dynamic chairs) in 12 rooms, this multiplex is one of the most beautiful, comfortable and best equipped in Europe. It just has all the best technologies: the largest screen on the French Riviera (26 m diagonal), Dolby Atmos (it's the first cinema in Europe to be fully equipped) and laser projectors 4K HFR.

MAG Cinema sound 

For such a unique project, applying cutting-edge sound technology is essential. For the sound to provide maximum immersion in the film story, and the effects to give goosebumps, the founders of Cineum wanted to go with the best solution the market can offer. Therefore, the sound systems were selected by the method of blind listening test, thereby giving the quality and purity of sound top priority.

The sound equipment in Cineum was installed by Cinema Next. For main sound in all the rooms, the MAG SCR-325 LA system was chosen - the ultimate solution for large cinemas, SCR-325LA provides long throw, perfect positioning, and enough dynamic range for any and all situations. A high-power MAG T-Sub subwoofer is used for low-frequency support.

All twelve cinemas apply Dolby Atmos technology, so the complete immersion in the sound picture is achieved by MAG Cinema surround systems installed at the walls and ceilings. Surround sound in all rooms is provided by MAG SUR-201MAG SUR-101MAG SUR-82 and MAG SUR-15, and also sub-surrounds MAG L-Sub.

In total, Cineum Cannes uses 409 MAG Cinema speakers - 30 screen-systems, 37 subwoofers and 342 surround systems.

The Cannes Film Festival is over and the first visitors have already been able to appreciate the venue and share their enthusiastic reviews:

Claude Pascotto:

From the very beginning of the festival, I have visited three halls already available to the public, and it’s a real pleasure! These rooms are equipped with the latest technology, a great advance for Cannes!

Christiane Fulcheri:

A cinema worthy of the capital of cinema!

Anne Cornaire:

This magnificent achievement will revitalize the city of Cannes! Wonderful!

Sylvie Moretti:

Tested the multiplex yesterday in the big room and today. It’s really great. Finally! The highest level cinema in our city!

The Cineum cinema will continue to be used for hosting the Cannes Film Festival. In the meantime, starting from August 3, the cinema opens its doors to the public and is ready to bring new colors and new sound to the life of the city of Cannes.


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