MAG at Kinopark Theaters in Kazakhstan

MAG at Kinopark Theaters in Kazakhstan

Kinopark Theaters is the largest cinema chain in Central Asia, based in Kazakhstan. The chain also includes Kinoplexx Theaters. Founded in 2005, today it covers all major cities of Kazakhstan: Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, Aktobe and others. And such success is not surprising, as the company's main ideology is to create such an experience for moviegoers, where every cinema will be a model of quality. This year, two new cinemas were opened in the country, one of which, Kinopark 4 Globus in Almaty, was equipped with the state-of-the-art MAG loudspeakers powered by innovative sound amplification solution DANA.

The chain holds the leading position in the country's cinema market. Kinopark Theaters was the first in Kazakhstan to install the Dolby Atmos surround sound system, IMAX format and laser projectors. And in 2008, the cinema in Astana became the winner of the VII National award for achievements in cinema business in the category "The best cinema of the CIS countries".

Kinopark 4 Globus is the company’s new movie theater that opened in Almaty in “Globus” shopping center. This is the chain's 23rd theater in the country, and the 9th in the capital.

It has 4 screening rooms — two rooms for 96 seats and two rooms for 171 and 170 seats.All the rooms are equipped with MAG Cinema speakers.

The cinema uses an innovative DANA system — a unique sound amplification solution that eliminates the need of using an additional cinema processor.

The DANA system is based on MAG DC series amplifiers, which include ready-made presets for all MAG Cinema systems. This speeds up the tuning process and provides predictably high sound quality as well as guarantees reliability and durability thanks to carefully tuned limiters. In addition, using a much smaller number of devices means easier connection and less distortion due to fewer conversions.

In all rooms, MAG DC 1200A and MAG DC 600A amplifiers are used, and MAG DC 1200AE performs the function of a master amplifier for the DANA system. (Learn more about the benefits of the DANA system).

As for the main sound system, here for each room there are 3 x MAG SCR-22M and 2 x subwoofers MAG SUB-428 for low-frequency support. Surround sound is provided with universal surround systems MAG SUR-408. In total there are 52 of them in the theater.

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