MAG at Cinema Galaxy Cognac

MAG at Cinema Galaxy Cognac

Cinema Galaxy Cognac is one of six cinemas in the rapidly expanding French group CinéWest. The new cinema site opened last year in March and replaced the old Galaxy cinema in the city of Cognac. All halls are equipped with MAG Cinema systems.

This multiplex in Châteaubernard replaces the old Galaxy cinema in downtown Cognac, which had 7 small rooms. Built in 1980 and renovated in 2012, it could no longer accommodate the public in suitable conditions. Thus, the new owners, who bought the cinema in 2018, decided to build a new cinema from the ground up. The new Cinema Galaxy is located right next to the most popular aquatic complex in Cognac agglomeration.

The Châteaubernard Galaxy is managed by the CinéWest group, which also owns five more multiplexes in France.

Galaxy cinema consists of six rooms.

 “It's one less than in the old Galaxy, where the largest screen was ten meters wide. In the new one, their size varies from 9 to 19 meters. We therefore favored comfort,” explains the president of CinéWest

In total, the cinema has 1,076 seats with the biggest room accommodating 350 people. Sony Digital 4K projectors in the six halls, a double projector for 3D, Dolby Atmos and MAG Audio loudspeakers complete the picture.

In all the rooms, MAG SCR-325LA is used as the primary sound. This system has high headroom and precise directional control, which is perfect for operating in halls up to 30 meters in length.

All the halls were also equipped with MAG T-Sub subwoofers — it is a highly efficient system with two 18-inch speakers, specially optimized for working with the lowest frequency movie content.

MAG SUR-101 — 10 "+1" surround systems — were chosen for 5 halls with 7.1 system sound reinforcement. In two medium-sized rooms, they were complemented by F-Sub surround subwoofers to compensate for the width of the room.

The largest screening room in Galaxy (Hall 3) has a capacity of 350 seats and is equipped with a modern surround sound system Dolby Atmos. Here, high-power MAG SUR-201s were chosen as side surrounds. Frontal side surrounds required even more efficiency, so MAG SUR-151s were used here - not only these coaxial systems have great headroom, but also special focus for working in the far field.

MAG SUR-15 and MAG SUR-82 were installed on the ceiling. Special U-brackets allow to swivel and tilt them in the direction needed, which is a must for a Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

Additionally, MAG L-Sub surround subwoofers were installed for low-frequency sound reinforcement.

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