First Sphera Premium Cinema featuring MAG Cinema acoustics in Athens

First Sphera Premium Cinema featuring MAG Cinema acoustics in Athens

It’s been a while ago since the first Sphera auditorium, fully equipped with MAG Cinema acoustics, has been opened in Athens, Greece. Sphera is a new premium format cinema concept, developed by the largest European cinema integrator CinemaNext. It has been introduced as a solution designed for small, medium and large-size cinemas, aimed to bring significantly new experience with impressive visuals, immersive audio and a contemporary design.

Village Cinemas in Athens, Greece, became the first cinema with a Sphera auditorium. It features 660 premium cinema seats, 25-meter wide wall-to-wall screen, 4k hight-contrast picture, LED ambient light and of course Dolby Atmos sound, which imposes special demands to the sound system itself.

Since one of the crucial components of Sphera format is the most detailed immersive sound possible, the installation comprises more than 99 MAG Cinema acoustic systems. Among them – new and unique products, which have been presented this spring at CineEurope exhibition 2017 in Barcelona.

The behind-the-screen space is equipped with 5 clusters of Tower Screen System — modular screen system, designed to provide uniform and well-controlled coverage in auditoriums, regardless their size.

Each cluster comprises 3 x Tower-B subwoofers, 3 modules of Tower-T4 and 1 module of Tower-T8. Such configuration has the optimal power and efficiency for the given size of auditorium, providing equal sound throughout the whole seating area.

Besides 4 x T-Sub subwoofers that provide low-end support, the sound system of the auditorium comprises two models of innovative product for cinemas — THOR, a subwoofer with frequency range extending from 18 to 120 Hz and SPL peaking at 145 dB. Thanks to built-in amplifier M-Drive® and unique transducer based on moving magnet linear motor structure (M-Force® technology), THOR is able to reach 5000 W of nominal power and therefore provide incomparable depth of sound.

Taking into consideration the Dolby Atmos standards, the configuration includes more than 58 surround-systems, including SUR-151SUR-81SUR-15 and a brand new frontal surround speaker SUR-1200. It has been designed especially for large cinema halls, and houses two 12” woofers and 4” voice coil high-frequency driver, providing 1200 W of nominal power handling and SPL peaking at 137,5 dB.

Sphera is a multipurpose format, which is not limited by cinematic content only, but also is suitable for concerts, art performances, gaming and other types of events. And since it has the sound system that is easily rigged and controlled, it can be tuned according to each of them. Since the launch of the first Sphera has been a success, the announce of further Sphera cinemas is expected in the coming months.


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