TOWER SCREEN SYSTEM - Cinema screen speaker

TOWER SCREEN SYSTEM - Cinema screen speaker
Heavy duty
Rigid, reliable enclosure designs
Quality enclosure
Carefully designed own components
Constant experience
Superior sound experience for any theater size
Easily fit
Ease of connection with built-in passive crossovers

TOWER SCREEN SYSTEM is the next generation modular screen system for top-class cinema halls, which establishes new standard of sound clarity, presence, and performance.

TOWER SCREEN SYSTEM is designed specifically to fit into different cinema hall sizes while delivering uniform performance in each and every installation.

TOWER SCREEN SYSTEM is based on set of easily connectable acoustic cabinets, complete with the rigging and flying hardware.

Acoustic cabinets are carefully designed to merge into unified system, regardless of the actuall array size. This allows to deliver the signature sound performance into any cinema hall of any size.

Simple and effective rigging system features all-purpose elements allowing to assemble the TOWER SCREEN SYSTEM into flown clusters or ground stacks.

Modular solution not only cuts down the installation time, but also allows for optimal stock with fewer components to worry about while designing the particular system.

Tower-B — TSS Subwoofer

Tower-T0 — TSS MID-HI module

Tower-T4 — TSS MID-HI module

Tower-T8 — TSS MID-HI module

Acoustical & Electrical data
Frequency range (-6/+3 dB) 36 - 230 Hz (Tower-B)/100-22000 Hz (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
Max sound pressure level (in detail) 135 дБ (Tower-B)/131 дБ (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
Max sound pressure level 2 135 dB
Sensitivity (1W/1m SPL) 113 dB
Sensitivity (1W/1m SPL) (in detail) 98 dB Low (Tower-B)/ 98 dB Mid/113 dB High (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
Vertical splay angle 0° (Tower-T0)/(4° (Tower-T4)/8° (Tower-T8)
LF Transducer 2x12” (Tower-B)
MF Transducer 4x6” (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
HF Transducer 2x1” (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
Impedance 4 Ohm Low (Tower-B)/ 4 Ohm Mid/4 Ohm Hi (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
Rated power 3 1200 W Low (Tower-B)
Nominal power handling (in detail) 3 1200 W Low (Tower-B)/ 520 W Mid/100 W High (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
Program power 2400 W Low (Tower-B)/ 1040 W Mid/200 W High (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
Peak power 4800 W Low (Tower-B)/ 2080 W Mid/400 W High (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
Connections and physical data
Connectors Barrier strip screw terminal (Tower-B)/Bi-Amp Barrier strip screw terminal (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 800x386x447 mm (Tower-B)/456x368x287 mm (Tower-T0, Tower-T4)/456x376x292 mm (Tower-T8)
Net weight 38,2 kg (Tower-B)/21,6 kg (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
Shipping weight 41,4 (Tower-B)/24,0 kg (Tower-T0, Tower-T4, Tower-T8)
Enclosure materials Plywood, wear-resistant paint
Color Black

2 dBSPL peak, IEC 60268-5 pink noise, measured on nominal power, 6 dB crest factor

3 2 hour power test, IEC filtered noise, 6 dB crest factor

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