Brand-new Megarama cinema with MAG Cinema speakers

Brand-new Megarama cinema with MAG Cinema speakers

Another European cinema has opted for MAG Cinema speakers: a recently opened “Megarama” in Montigny-lès-Cormeilles, near Paris, has MAG systems installed in all of its 8 rooms.

Megarama is on the list of the top-5 leading cinema chains of France. Its history begins in 1950s, and by now the total number of its screens is more than 170+ in France, Spain and Morocco. Megarama is one of the key partners of the biggest European integration company CinemaNext, so the brand new cinema in Montigny-lès-Cormeilles has also been implemented by the company’s experts. The cinema features advanced projection and sound equipment, one of the largest screens in France, ready to bring the unforgettable experience to each and every of 1800+ visitors the cinema may accommodate.

In the biggest cinema room — 780 seats! — visitors enjoy the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos technology, provided by the newest MAG Cinema products, which were presented for the first time at CineEurope 2017 exhibition in Barcelona. Among them – 2 x MAG Thor subwoofers, with their unrivalled features as to frequency range, power and sound pressure. The behind-the-screen area features module line array MAG Tower Screen System, comprising 12 x Tower-T4 MID-HI modules and 12 x Tower-B subwoofers.

Among MAG Cinema surround speakers, included in Dolby Atmos sound system of the room, there are also 8 frontal systems MAG SUR-1200, based on 2x 12’’ LF drivers and 4’’ HF driver, designed especially for the large cinema halls.

To create powerful sound systems in other cinema rooms, there were used 20+ traditional subwoofers (MAG F-SubMAG T-Sub and MAG W-Sub), 180+ surround systems (MAG SUR-121, MAG SUR-151MAG SUR-15MAG SUR-6) and 20+ screen systems (MAG SCR-325LAMAG SCR-315M).

Joseph Vacrin, director of operations and distribution at Megarama, has shared his thoughts about the new cinema:

It's the most beautiful room in France or even in Europe. It is also expected to support other content such as operas and to host shows, held in collaboration with the municipality.

According to Joseph Vacrin, the cinema meets a real need in the sector, becoming the starting point of a new neighborhood of Montingly-les-Cormellies. And it’s already the 7th installation MAG Cinema within Megarama chain, held by CinemaNext company.


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