New “Multiplex” featuring MAG Cinema systems in Lutsk

New “Multiplex” featuring MAG Cinema systems in Lutsk

On August 24th in Lutsk (Ukraine), a shopping mall “Promin” has opened after a restoration, already well-known by citizens from early 1970s. Along with the renewed mall, a new “Multiplex” cinema started working – it’s a 5-screen cinema for 1000+ visitors, and each of its rooms is equipped with MAG Cinema speakers: screen systems, surround speakers and subwoofers.

Installation and technical supply of “Multiplex” cinema in Lutsk was completely held by CinemaNext Ukraine, an official representative of the largest European cinema integrator. To provide necessary sound supply for 5 cinema rooms (one of them, by the way, is the biggest one in the whole Multiplex cinema chain), 95 MAG Cinema systems were needed:

Screen systems:

12 х SCR-215;

3 x SCR-315M;

Surround speakers:

48 х SUR-81;

24 x SUR-20;


4 x X-sub;

4 х T-sub.

“Multiplex”in Lutsk continues meeting its first visitors and with such configuration is fully armed before any film premiere.


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