TMV cinema in Garden City Mall is the first cinema complex in the capital of Algeria

TMV cinema in Garden City Mall is the first cinema complex in the capital of Algeria

The country of Algeria, located in the northwest of Africa, is a nation with a rather complex fate. In the 60s and 70s, there was a flourishing of cinema, with over 450 movie theaters and film libraries in operation.

However, economic & political crises, civil and military conflicts in the region, led to a prolonged decline in this sector. In recent years, significant progress has occurred, culminating in the construction of the capital’s first and country’s second multiplex cinema. These achievements were made possible through the collaborative efforts of TMV and CinemaNext, with the capital city Algiers being the chosen location.

The TMV Cinema complex at Garden City Mall is designed as a modern establishment with three auditoriums accommodating respectively 60, 80, and 240 viewers. Each auditorium is equipped with the latest technologies, including Dolby 7.1 sound systems and advanced laser projectors. This undoubtedly sets new standards for Algeria, marking a significant step in expanding the country’s movie-going experiences.

A crucial component in ensuring the quality sound at the movies has been the MAG Cinema acoustic systems. We are very proud of this mission and the opportunity to successfully implement modern technologies, especially where they are lacking.

The following equipment has been installed:

✔️ 9 х MAG Cinema SCR-15S – 2-way screen speakers
✔️ 9 х MAG Cinema SCR-22M – 3-way screen speakers
✔️ 76 х MAG Cinema SUR-83 – surround speaker
✔️ 9 х MAG Cinema SUB-428 – double subwoofer
✔️ 3 х MAG Cinema AQ-3000 – powered amplifier
✔️ 3 х MAG Cinema AOH-11000 – powered amplifier
✔️ 3 х MAG Cinema AOH-6700 – powered amplifier
✔️ 76 х MAG Cinema L83A – wall bracket

The opening of this cinema is expected to become the central hub for cinematic entertainment in the region and a significant boost to local film production. It offers a platform for showcasing Algerian filmmaking talent and contributes to the cultural enrichment of the nation.


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