MAG THOR-24 — A legacy of a legend

MAG THOR-24 — A legacy of a legend

MAG Cinema's THOR is known as the world's most advanced cinema subwoofer. Thanks to M-Force technology, the MAG THOR has become a true legend, exceeding the expectations of the most demanding moviegoers by providing maximum sound pressure at the very lowest frequencies. Far beyond the imagination of traditional cinema sound systems! 

MAG Cinema - a world-leading and renowned manufacturer of cinema sound equipment - always goes the extra mile to provide only the best service and timely delivery of its equipment. This is exactly why MAG decided to create a completely new THOR-24, one designed and made from 100% in-house components.

THOR-24 is designed to meet the highest demands. The 24-inch woofer driver with extended linear excursion and rated power of 2500 W is built according to a classic electrodynamic scheme and is the ultimate achievement of combining our state-of-the-art technologies & expertise in the development of subwoofers.

MAG THOR-24 applied technologies and key advantages:

✔️ A Carbon fiber reinforced ribbed cone of the woofer which offers maximum stiffness and rigidness.

✔️ M-Roll surround designed for the extended excursion to accommodate THOR 24's massive target bottom-end output.

✔️ A Double spider with silicone ensures an extra-long lifetime even under extremely stressful working conditions.

✔️ A 4,5" 3-layer inside-outside-outside voice coil created specifically for superior cooling and longer working hours.

✔️ A Magnetic system based on a 250 mm diameter ferrite ring with Triple Voice Coil Cooling Technology is designed for extensive motor-to-voice coil junction and efficient voice coil cooling.

✔️ Double Demodulation Rings provide additional thermal relief for the voice coil while dramatically reducing the total harmonic distortions for a clean and smooth sound experience.

✔️ The Aluminum cast allows a frame with massive stiffeners to provide a solid vibration-free basis for overwhelming SPL delivery.

✔️ A 3D-tunnel acoustic cabinet design allows combining powerful output capabilities into installation-friendly size proportions.

✔️ Extensive internal bracing is called in to withstand massive air compression for clean operation without undesired resonances.

✔️ The cabinet is made with heavy-duty 24mm plywood designed to serve for many years to come.

✔️ Class D 3200W amplifiers with built-in DSP provide the power and processing perfectly complementing superior acoustical design.

The passive THOR-24 and active THOR-24A versions have been created to offer more versatility. THOR-24 has the option to either work with a standard or specially developed amplifier. This allows for significantly optimize costs and is also more common for cinema auditoriums. THOR-24A comes with a built-in 3200W amplifier, which is more convenient if there is a need to upgrade from the old THOR to our new model.

The new THOR models are more compact and weigh 1.5 times less than their predecessors. With a frequency range of 18 to 120 Hz and a peak sound pressure level of 140 dB, the THOR-24 reproduces the deepest infra-frequency effects of a movie theater track beyond the capabilities of conventional subwoofers. With the introduction of MAG's new THOR-24(A), subwoofer, new standards are set for reliability, including a warranty of up to 10 years.

MAG's P-AMP-THOR24 series offers a new dimension of simplicity when designing a cinema sound system. The series uses class D amplifier technology with a switching mode power supply to provide energy-efficient operation and unprecedented reliability in just 2U of rack height. 

It includes a built-in THOR-24 subwoofer preset providing crossover, limiter, and speaker EQ, so setting the system up is easy with minimal steps required. Every amplifier is provided with 3-pin phoenix input terminals and convenient phoenix output terminals. To easily couple the amplifier with the cinema processor, the input sensitivity switch is also provided.

Overview of new products:


• MAG Cinema THOR-24 

• MAG Cinema THOR-24A


• MAG Cinema P-AMP-1THOR-24-8 (1x2500)

• MAG Cinema P-AMP-2THOR-24-8 (2x2500)

• MAG Cinema P-AMP-3THOR-24-8 (3x2500)

• MAG Cinema P-AMP-4THOR-24-8 (4x2500)


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