The Light Redhill – all new 6-screen cinema with MAG Cinema

The Light Redhill – all new 6-screen cinema with MAG Cinema

The Light and CinemaNext are proud to unveil a brand-new location. The Light Redhill is an impressive entertainment complex located in Redhill, Surrey in the United Kingdom. This state-of-the-art facility includes a 6-screen 4,200-square-foot movie theater, including two 3D screens, as well as a multi-purpose recreation center.

In addition to an exceptional movie experience, The Light Redhill offers an array of exciting activities such as axe throwing, bowling, mini golf, shuffleboard, and curling. Visitors can also enjoy an arcade, darts, American billiards, and karaoke.

The highly anticipated entertainment venue officially opened its doors on Friday, June 16, 2023, marking the 13th addition to The Light chain. The grand opening was attended by local dignitaries, and a queue of over 100 people eagerly awaited a thrilling weekend of fun.

To ensure top-notch audiovisual experiences in the cinema auditoriums, MAG Cinema, one of the global market leaders, was chosen as the provider of cutting-edge sound systems. 

Here is the detailed list of the equipment used:

✔️ 12 x MAG SCR-15S – 2-Way Screen Speaker

✔️ 3 x MAG SCR-22M 3-Way Speaker System

✔️ 3 x MAG SCR-25M – 3-Way Screen Speaker

✔️ 14 x MAG SUB-428 – Dual Subwoofer

✔️ 2 x MAG L-SUB – Single Subwoofer

✔️ 68 x MAG SUR-83 – Surround Speaker

✔️ 22 x MAG SUR-103 – Surround Speaker

✔️ 2 x MAG AQ-8000 – Power Amplifiers

✔️ 5 x MAG AOH-6700 / AOH-11000– Power Amplifiers

✔️ 5 x MAG AO-6000 / AO-8000 / AO-16000 – Power Amplifiers

✔️ 128 х MN Mounting Solutions – Mounting for Speakers.


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