A touch of history - MAG Cinema at the Lumière Institute (Lyon, France)

A touch of history - MAG Cinema at the Lumière Institute (Lyon, France)

For many years, we have been dedicated to the development and production of cutting-edge acoustic systems for cinemas worldwide. The number of theaters equipped with MAG Cinema systems is counted in the thousands. Our systems and installations have conquered every continent, the Cannes Film Festival, and even won the prestigious "The Best Cinema in the World" award. Yet, there are certain things that touch the very heart, that transcend scale and technical specifications.

We're referring to the Lumière Institute, located within the historic villa of the Lumière brothers in the city of Lyon — a genuine treasure trove for cinephiles and cinema historians alike. This iconic building embodies the legacy of the Lumière brothers, renowned French inventors, and pioneers of the motion picture. It was here that they dedicated countless hours to their experiments and research, eventually giving birth to the groundbreaking invention known as the "Cinematograph," which was first showcased at the "Grand Café" on Boulevard des Capucines in Paris in 1895. After the passing of the Lumière brothers, the villa was transformed into a museum and institute.

The "Lumière Institute" has become a sanctuary where an array of artifacts, photographs, inventions, and vintage film projectors, all connected to the evolution of cinema, are meticulously preserved. The museum offers guided tours, exhibitions, and lectures for visitors, showcasing how the Lumière brothers transformed the world of film and photography. Undoubtedly, it features a cinema hall, and it's an honor that MAG Cinema's acoustic systems from Ukraine were selected for its recent renovation. As part of the customization, we were delighted to incorporate the institute's logo on the surrounds grilles. Our partners www.lacabinerie.com were involved in the implementation of the project on site.

Equipment Used:

✔️ 6 x MAG Cinema SCR-415 – Screen Speaker

✔️ 14 x MAG Cinema SUR-408-8 – Surround Speaker

✔️ 2 x MAG Cinema SUB-418-4 – Subwoofers

✔️ 14 x MN Mounting Solutions WMT-20 – Fixed Wall Mount

From a technical standpoint, it may seem like a modest cinema hall. However, from a historical perspective, this mission resonates deeply within us. It is a great privilege to connect with the origins of cinema, right at the place of its inception, and to become an integral part of the mecca for cinephiles, scholars, and creators who come here to experience the spirit and legacy of the Lumière brothers.


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