The Arc Cinema in Cork Ireland

The Arc Cinema in Cork Ireland

The Arc Cinema, formerly known as The Gate located in Cork - Ireland, has reopened with cutting-edge upgrades, offering a luxurious cinematic experience. Highlights of the upgrades include ultra-luxurious leather electric recliner seats and state-of-the-art equipped auditoriums with a premium large format HYPERSENSE screen including immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound and 4K laser projection, offering an unparalleled audio-visual experience to its moviegoers.

MAG Cinema offered a premium acoustic solution for this immersive auditorium, which included the following items:

✔️ 5 х MAG Cinema SCR-22M – 3-way screen speaker

✔️ 2 х MAG Cinema F-SUB – single subwoofer

✔️ 2 х MAG Cinema х SUB-428-88 – double subwoofer

✔️ 4 х MAG Cinema SUR-103 – surround speaker

✔️ 6 х MAG Cinema SUR-83 – surround speaker

✔️ 12 х MAG Cinema SUR-12C – ceiling surround speaker

✔️ 1 х MAG Cinema AQ-8000 – power amplifier (4x2000)

✔️ 3 х MAG Cinema AQ-4000 – power amplifier (4x1000)

✔️ 2 х MAG Cinema AO-8000 – power amplifier (8x1000)

✔️ 2 х MAG Cinema AO-6000 – power amplifier (8x750)

✔️ Speaker Mounts by MN Mounting Solutions

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this project marked the debut of our new SUR-12C system, specifically designed for use in ceiling setups for Dolby Atmos and other immersive sound applications. The installation and support for this project were undertaken by our highly esteemed partner, CinemaNext UK.

This transformation sets a new standard for patrons, blending comfort with the latest in cinema technology. MAG Cinema has once again confirmed the exceptionally high quality of its equipment, ensuring complete satisfaction for both clients and cinemagoers.


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