MAG Cinema SUR-C6 and SUR-C8 – new compact surrounds for premium solutions

MAG Cinema SUR-C6 and SUR-C8 – new compact surrounds for premium solutions

MAG Audio's range of innovative speakers often proves to be so technologically advanced that they gain recognition not only in their primary domain but also in adjacent professional applications. The MAG Audio AIR-C6/C8 models experienced such success. Designed for high-quality background and zonal sounding, these professional installation systems which provide exceptional Hi-Fi sound have unexpectedly begun to dominate small-format cinemas, particularly in the burgeoning boutique cinema market in Western Europe.

Following last year's successful debut of these models at a luxurious British movie theatre project, The Living Room Cinema. This was the first time the AIR-C series was used instead of specialized and traditional surround systems, and since then demand for this concept has started to grow. In response to this challenge, the MAG Cinema team developed dedicated versions of its C6/C8, perfectly tailored to the needs of movie theaters.

The cinema modifications that the SUR-C6 and SUR-C8 feature are an own design that seamlessly complements the existing MAG Cinema product line including more cinema-friendly mounting options – the U-shaped brackets L6C and L8C. The option for VESA 75x75 mounting is also retained. The sound quality remains unchanged, as it was this very attribute that determined the fate of these speakers, granting them a future in the cinema industry and providing audiences with an unparalleled immersive movie experience.

This transformation vividly demonstrates that a high-quality product always finds its way to the best application. Our mission as a globally renowned loudspeaker manufacturer is to ensure the optimal use of our innovations where our outstanding solutions can add the most value.


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