SUR-12C — ideal ceiling surround for Atmos

SUR-12C — ideal ceiling surround for Atmos

April 24, 2023, Las Vegas NV (USA). At CinemaСon 2023, the annual international exhibition that brings together leading participants of the global film and entertainment industry, MAG Cinema, one of the leading manufacturers of cinema sound equipment from Ukraine, presents a new unique product: an acoustically immersive surround system for large cinema halls, its SUR -12C.

The MAG SUR-12C is an elegant in-ceiling surround primarily designed for use in complex immersive surround sound systems such as Dolby Atmos. It is mechanically compatible with standard Armstrong 24" x 24" ceiling tiles, which ensure simple and very predictable installations.

The two-way acoustic system is based on a powerful 12-inch coaxial speaker specially created by MAG’s sound engineers, which guarantees the coherence and accuracy of the sound image in its area of responsibility. The SUR-12C can be used in halls up to 25.2 m / 82.5 ft. in width, providing a symmetrical 90 x 90-degree coverage pattern and high-quality cinematic sound.

During the development process of its new overhead surround speaker system, MAG considered previous experiences and desires of movie theater owners who were not satisfied with the aesthetics and inconvenience of installing standard clumsy surround boxes overhead. Moreover, in order to meet specific directivity standards requirements, these ceiling surrounds are also often unattractive and unevenly focused, creating a certain sense of visual disharmony.

The design format of the SUR-12C completely eliminates all these shortcomings. Most part of the surround is immersed in the space above the ceiling which makes it much less visible for the patrons. The elegant outward-facing cone provides a 360° rotation and up to 50° tilt angle for precise targeting. Visually, it looks very neat and stylish.


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