MAG Cinema Outdoor — IP54 speakers for large open-air cinemas

MAG Cinema Outdoor — IP54 speakers for large open-air cinemas

April 26, 2023, Las Vegas (USA). MAG Cinema, exhibiting at CinemaСon 2023, announces another novelty: specialized protected acoustic systems for outdoor cinema applications and movie screening events.

Outdoor cinemas are seasonal in most cases. Usually, live sound equipment is chosen. This not only makes the outdoor cinema phenomenon expensive, but it is also certainly not an ideal solution for cinema sound and does not meet cinema sound standards. Alternatively, it is possible to remove the equipment from a regular closed cinema for the summer and use it outside, but this is inconvenient and even dangerous because such equipment is not intended for outdoor use. Not to mention that the indoor cinema will have to be temporarily closed.

For the high-quality, safe, and reliable delivery of outdoor cinema screenings, MAG Cinema engineers have taken their best, proven cinema auditorium solutions and seriously refined these for outdoor use. The new series of IP54 loudspeakers are protected against rain, moisture, dust, and unauthorized access. Each loudspeaker is connected using professional Speakon connectors, making it easy and quick to assemble and disassemble the system, making it extremely mobile. Not to mention, this audio system delivers a very professional quality movie sound engineered and manufactured by one of the market leaders in worldwide cinema sound.

The MAG Cinema Outdoor line includes the following models:

✔️ SCR-35-IP – open-air cinema screen speaker (3x15” + 2x8” + 1.5”)

✔️ SCR-42-IP – open-air cinema screen speaker (4x12” + 2x8” + 1.5”)

✔️ SUB-D-IP – dual 18” outdoor subwoofer

✔️ SUB-DH-IP – dual 18” outdoor subwoofer

As surround loudspeakers, it is suggested to use proven MAG Audio all-weather solutions, namely: AIR-122 IP, AIR-152 IP, NX-10 IP, NX-12 IP, and NX-15 IP.

The Outdoor Series is developed to withstand all the weather mother nature can come up with. For this, speakers were made with ultimate protection from the elements and unauthorized access. Frontal grills are protecting the speakers from mechanical damage during transportation, handling, or the show itself. The grills themselves are made using high-carbon stainless steel and covered with heavy-duty powder coating, ready to resist moisture, water, sand, or snow.

The wooden cabinets are made exclusively from touring-grade water-resistant plywood and covered with scratch-resistant water-based paint. Mid- and high-frequency drivers are shielded with a solid metal cover, preventing any possibility of water entering inside, or misuse or tempering from unauthorized personnel

The connection of the Outdoor series has gone through a complete overhaul given the need for transportation and quick setup. Connectors, cabling, and protection are created with reliability and ergonomics in mind. Additional thoughts were put to make sure the connection is weather-proof and secure against tampering or unauthorized access. 

Professional rental and touring Speakon connectors are providing an easy and secure breakable connection, perfect for the frequent setting and packing of the system. Speakon connectors are placed on the sloped surface, which eliminates the possibility of water entering the connector. Additional metallic cover shields connectors from being tempered, and provide extra cover from the rain. The cover can be removed for wiring and then conveniently placed back using a pair of hex bolts.

The connection of screen speakers allows for three-way operation, while separate wiring of each of the subwoofers’ drivers allows one to connect them to independent amplifier channels.


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