Nordisk Film Biografer – multiplex Kinopalæet in Lyngby

Nordisk Film Biografer – multiplex Kinopalæet in Lyngby

Kinopalæet in Lyngby is one of the largest cinema complexes in Denmark, owned by the Nordisk Film Biografer network. It boasts 12 spacious auditoriums, including a 4DX experience and the only Supreme format hall in the country. One of the standing-out features includes ample legroom for viewers, which offers the ability to adjust the leather seats to nearly a horizontal position including leg and head rests which most certainly offer the utmost comfortable reclining experience. This state-of-the-art movie complex also offers a large wall-to-wall screen that measures 17 by 9 meters, which is outfitted with cutting-edge digital projection and Dolby Atmos sound equipment.

Nordisk Film Biografer is without any doubt a pioneer in keeping its cinemas up to date, and continuously upgraded with the most modern equipment. However, this time, they made a groundbreaking move by investing in sound equipment from the Ukrainian manufacturer, MAG Cinema. From Nordisk’s part, it was acknowledged that MAG affirmed its leadership in the industry - despite the horrors of war - MAG persevered and not only retained its employees but also opened a large operational warehouse in Belgium. Furthermore, it was able to provide fast delivery times, competitive pricing, and most importantly high-quality products.

"We believe that MAG Cinema's products are top shelf, and we are delighted to support Ukrainian quality and resilience by placing our order with them," says Jan Rasmussen, responsible for installation and technical maintenance in Nordisk Film cinemas. "Investing in MAG Cinema really makes sense. With their reasonable prices and exceptionally high quality, they can contribute to creating the best conditions for our guests and offering the finest cinematic experiences. We are extra proud when it comes from Ukraine," Jan concludes. Jan was - earlier this year - recognized and honored with a gold award at CineEurope in Barcelona for his extensive expertise and outstanding contributions to the success of Nordisk Film Biografer and the European film industry.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Nordisk Film Biografer for placing their trust in MAG Cinema and for the successful start of our collaboration. 


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