7-hall multiplex Movieland in Ivano-Frankivsk

7-hall multiplex Movieland in Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankivsk, a charming regional center nestled in the heart of the picturesque Carpathian region in Western Ukraine, has historically been underserved in the realm of cinematic entertainment. For years, the city's film aficionados had limited options, with only two movie theaters - the single-hall "Kosmos" and the four-hall "Lumière" - attempting to meet their cinematic needs. Remarkably, despite the ongoing military state in the country didn't hinder the completion of the magnificent, state-of-the-art multiplex, MovieLand, located in Veles Mall.

MovieLand is claiming the title of the largest cinema in Western Ukraine. The complex boasts seven auditoriums of enhanced comfort, accommodating a total of 1,350 viewers. The multiplex features spacious, comfortable seating with increased aisle space, spanning across 3,000 square meters of leisure and inspiration. Furthermore, it offers a diverse selection of about 20 flavors of house-made popcorn. Significantly, MovieLand has set a benchmark in inclusivity, being the first in the city to offer a dedicated elevator and auditoriums equipped with ramps.

MovieLand is outfitted with the most advanced cinematic technology available to date. Each auditorium features cutting-edge laser projectors capable of delivering 8K resolution images on expansive, wall-to-wall silver screens, offering viewers a truly immersive film experience. Of its seven auditoriums, three are equipped for 3D movie screenings.

Selecting the acoustic systems was a straightforward decision, given that Ukraine is home to one of the global leaders in cinema sound production: MAG Cinema from Bila Tserkva. Embracing the local wisdom of "keeping it in the family", the choice of sound was primarily driven by the high quality and reliability of this Ukrainian-made product. The installation was expertly handled by CinemaNext, the largest cinema integrator in the EMEA region.

The installed cinema equipment includes:

✔️ 9 x MAG Cinema SCR-22M – screen speakers

✔️ 6 x MAG Cinema SCR-415 – screen speakers

✔️ 6 x MAG Cinema SCR-35L – screen speakers

✔️ 11 x MAG Cinema W-SUB-44 – subwoofers

✔️ 1 x MAG Cinema H-SUB-4 – subwoofers

✔️ 80 x MAG Cinema SUR-103 – surround speakers

✔️ 22 x MAG Cinema SUR-83 – surround speakers

✔️ 2 x MAG Cinema DCQ-4000 – power amplifiers

✔️ 5 x MAG Cinema DCS-5200 – power amplifiers

✔️ 5 x MAG Cinema DCQ-6400 – power amplifiers

✔️ 5 x MAG Cinema DCS-7200 – power amplifiers

✔️ 5 x MAG Cinema IO BOX rev.4 – input/output interfaces

✔️ 102 x MN Mounting Solutions WMT-20 – mounting brackets

✔️ 7 x MN Mounting Solutions SR800/24 – Sound racks

For the cinema's foyer background sound system, the latest MAG Audio AIR-C series installation speakers, launched earlier this year, were selected. Known for their high-quality Hi-Fi sound, the AIR-C series left the client & MovieLand visitors pleasantly astounded.

The background sound equipment includes:

✔️ 20 x MAG Audio AIR-C4-16-BK-W – passive installation system with mounting

✔️ 1 x MAG Audio AOH-4200 – power amplifier

While this is not the first cinema in Ukraine equipped with MAG systems, this particular project, undertaken amidst the ongoing large-scale Russian aggression, carries a special beacon of hope.

In these challenging times, people strive to live fulfilling lives, providing economic support to the state, local entrepreneurs, and manufacturers. We take pride in making a significant contribution in this realm, not only by creating job opportunities but also by bringing joy and positive experiences to people during these difficult times.


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