Megarama Annecy Cinema opened 9 screens complex

Megarama Annecy Cinema opened 9 screens complex

On December 14, 2022, the same day of the release of 'Avatar: the way of water', the Megarama Annecy Cinema complex opened its doors in the city of Seynod (in eastern France). 

With its 9 screens, no less than 1,400 seats and including a gigantic 20 by 12 meters screen, Megarama is definitely a heavyweight among the cinemas in the region. There is also a 4D E-motion room that offers new sensations, dynamic seats, vibrations, air currents, smells, wind, flashes of light for complete immersion in the movie. 

A state-of-the-art cinema project like the Megarama Annecy complex obviously requires the best sound system available and Europe's leading loudspeaker manufacturer MAG Cinema met this challenge without any problem.

The following MAG Cinema equipment was used:

✔️ 3 x SCR-42L 3-Way Screen Speaker

✔️ 6 x SCR-35L 4-Way Screen Speaker

✔️ 18 x SCR-165S 3-Way Screen Speaker

✔️ 13 x SUB-428-88 Double Subwoofer

✔️ 36 x F-SUB-4 Single Subwoofer

✔️ 50 x SUR-103-8 Surround Speaker

✔️ 72 x SUR-408-8 Surround Speaker

✔️ 36 x LLS Bracket

✔️ 118 x MN Mounting Solutions WMT-20 Wall Bracket

We thank our partners Cinema Next France for the professional installation. MAG Cinema keeps working, filling orders around the globe, and recently have opened a new warehouse in Belgium for more convenience and better logistics.


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