The new flagship of screen speakers: SCR-2522L from MAG Cinema

The new flagship of screen speakers: SCR-2522L from MAG Cinema

MAG Cinema is proud to present its latest cinema sound development, the SCR-2522L. This new addition to our line-up is specially designed for the largest cinemas and delivers an impressive audio experience without compromising on quality.

All MAG's systems are developed from our own carefully designed and finely tuned components. These not only ensure smooth operation and optimal coverage but are also extremely suitable for use with the latest 3D sound cinema standards.

Let's look at the main technical characteristics of the MAG SCR-2522L model. This four-way screen loudspeaker is equipped with dual 15" and dual 12" LF sections, producing unparalleled low-frequency output. The dual 8" + 1.5" MHF section can be easily adjusted for the RLP position, allowing for a customized audio experience.

Key specifications of SCR-2522L:

✔️ Frequency response (-6/+3): 38 – 18000 Hz
✔️ Max continuous SPL: 135,5 dB
✔️ Rated power: LF1: 600 W, LF2: 600 W, MF: 300 W, HF: 100 W 
✔️ Sensitivity (1W/1m half-space): LF1: 102 dB, LF2: 101 dB, MF: 108 dB, HF: 110 dB 
✔️ Coverage Horizontal: 70°-90° variable
✔️ Coverage Vertical: 40°
✔️ MHF section vertical tilt angle -4° (up) - +16° (down)
✔️ MHF section horizontal pan angle -25° - +25°
✔️ Dimension (W x H x D): 750 x 2438 x 550 mm

One of the most striking features of the SCR-2522L is the use of Screen Reflection Diffusers (SRD) over the entire frontal surface. This innovative design effectively eliminates unwanted double reflections, ensuring impeccable sound quality.

At MAG Cinema, we understand the importance of easy and seamless installation. That's why we provide a comprehensive range of installation accessories, including fittings and brackets, making the mounting process a breeze. With our reliable and durable equipment, backed by a 7-year warranty (and even 10 years on MAG-approved designs), you can trust that the SCR-2522L will deliver exceptional performance for years to come.

Stay tuned for more updates from MAG Cinema as we continue to redefine the cinema audio experience.


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