MAG Cinema Speakers in MAX Cinemas Movie Theater in Malaysia

MAG Cinema Speakers in MAX Cinemas Movie Theater in Malaysia

MAX Cinemas brand has opened its first branch in the Sabah East Coast area of ​​Lahad Datu (Malaysia). The movie theater offers four screening rooms, each of which can accommodate up to 75 guests at a time.

The new and modern MAX Cinema is equipped with state-of-the-art MAG Cinema equipment to ensure the greatest cinema experience. It is the first movie cinema in East Malaysia equipped with MAG Cinema speakers with Dolby Surround 7.1 audio format.

Simmonds Danial, representative of local integration partner Eugenetek, comments:

"But myself I’m surprised MAG Cinema’s 2-way speakers don’t sound like 2-way... Very nice reproduction, it’s like a 3-way speaker!"

The cinema has small rooms, it’s kind of a Mini Cinema concept. Each room in the cinema is equipped with 4 x screen speakers MAG SCR-215A and 1 x MAG W-SUB subwoofer.

As for the surround systems, 10 x MAG SUR-81 were mounted to ensure rich and immersive sound in each screening room. Here’s what the moviegoers think of the sound system in MAX Cinemas:

Nazrin Lao: “The seating, sound system and atmosphere were top notch”.

Mohammad Ramlie Marmin: “Good and quality movies with amazing sound system”.

Qasih Faysyah: “Nice place, sound good and clear”.

Ramlah Lakase: “All went well, sound system is fantastic. Hope to see more movies in the future”.

Kak Zuraa: “Excellent movie with amazing sound system, and the employees are very helpful and friendly”.

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