The first MAG Cinema installation in Singapore

The first MAG Cinema installation in Singapore

At the beginning of June, after 9-month reconstruction, a renewed shopping mall Century Square opened in Tampines, Singapore. Among its entertainment zones there is a brand new Filmgarde cinema, which has become a special one for the local cinema industry: it’s the very first installation featuring AuroMax® format not only in Singapore, but in Asia in general. And it was brought to life with the help of MAG Cinema speakers. 

AuroMax® technology, created by Belgian company Barco, involves three-level surround sound system, as well as 6 screen channels to bring immersive and the most natural sound into the theater. As the technology supposed to be launched in all the 6 halls of the cinema, the configuration was designed accordingly, and includes: 36 compact screen systems, 252 surround systems based on 10'' woofers and 6 low-depth specialized subwoofers based on double 18’’ woofers.

For the moment there are nearly 600 theaters featuring AuroMax® format, and Filmgarde Century Square cinema, together with MAG Cinema systems, has become a starting point for the technology’s introduction is Asia. 


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