MAG Cinema installation in Berlin

MAG Cinema installation in Berlin

Berlin (Germany) is considered to have the biggest number of arthouse cinemas in the whole country. In September 2017 a new location was opened — Delphi Lux cinema, where you won’t see Hollywood blockbusters or films for mass market audience. Here you are offered to see European and American arthouse movies, documentaries, original versions and films screening at festivals. 

Delphi Lux is a 13rd cinema of Yorck group. Сozy rooms of Delphi Lux are colourful and vivid, each with its own design and colours, where MAG Cinema systems have perfectly fit. 

It’s already the third MAG Cinema Installation in Germany. For the moment there are more than 300 rooms in Europe with MAG Cinema systems, among them — Dolby Atmos installations as well.

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