France Welcomes a New Cinema with MAG Cinema Systems

France Welcomes a New Cinema with MAG Cinema Systems

A new cinema, equipped with the MAG Cinema systems - Cinéma Grand Ecran Langon, was opened in France, Langon city. The cinema has 6 rooms, with a total capacity of 933 seats. Thanks to the innovative technologies and equipment, the new GRAND ECRAN cinema became first-of-its-kind in New Aquitaine.

Sacha Fridemann, development director in GRAND ECRAN, ensures that the movie theater combines "all the comfort standards of a multiplex, while maintaining true proximity".

The big room with 336 seats is equipped with Dolby Atmos. Room 2 and Room 3 “CINÉMAX®” branded rooms.

The own GRAND ECRAN “CINÉMAX®” label ensures the quality standard for:

  • multiplication of speakers in the rooms;
  • immersive sound system with bass reinforcements;
  • last generation of digital projecting (2К / 4K);
  • a giant curved screen with LED light contour;
  • optimized layouts of the rooms (higher gradation, space between the rows, VIP seats,…).

The creation of “CINÉMAX®” label is the result of the constant search for the best quality balance between the image, comfort and sound. And by the way, the last one is provided by the MAG Cinema systems.

In total, 185 MAG Cinema systems are deployed in the cinema: 18 screen speakers, 31 subwoofer, and 136 surround systems.


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