Le Melies cinema with three screens In the city of Pau (southern France)

Le Melies cinema with three screens In the city of Pau (southern France)

In the city of Pau (southern France), Le Melies cinema with three screens has recently been inaugurated. The complex is integrated into the Foirail cultural center, a meeting place for theatre, music, dance, and film. The cinema takes the place of the former single-screen Méliès cinema, which is located 100 meters from the new facility.

French President Emmanuel Macron attended the opening and stressed the importance of cultural initiatives that promote the development of cities and support the film industry. This is a good signal for the revival of arthouse cinema, the pinnacle of Le Melies.

The cinema consists of three cinema halls with 80, 120 and 300 seats respectively. All cinema halls are equipped with laser projection, including 4K for the largest hall, as well as high-quality MAG Cinema acoustics from the Ukrainian manufacturer MAG Audio. The cinema is running at full capacity with 12 screenings per day.

The following sound equipment is used:

✔️ 3 х MAG Cinema SCR-325LA 3-Way Screen Speaker

✔️ 6 х MAG Cinema SCR-435 3-Way Screen Speaker

✔️ 2 х MAG Cinema T-SUB-44 Double Subwoofer

✔️ 4 х MAG Cinema SUB-418-4 Single Subwoofer 

✔️ 8 х MAG Cinema SUR-408-8 Surround Speaker

✔️ 10 х MAG Cinema SUR-410-8 Surround Speaker

✔️ 12 х MAG Cinema SUR-201-8 Surround Speaker

✔️ 30 х MN Mounting Solutions WMT-20 Wall Bracket

We thank our partner CinemaNext France for the professional installation. MAG Cinema keeps working, filling orders around the globe and recently has opened a new warehouse in Belgium for more convenience and better logistics.


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