Cannes applaud to Ukraine.

Cannes applaud to Ukraine.

The 75th annual International Film Festival, one of the most important film events in the world, is currently taking place in Cannes, France. It was founded in 1946 — a year after World War II ended. Just as the guns went silent…

And in 2022, the mad dictator puts the world in danger of a world war again, starting to inflame it with an unprovoked aggression against a peaceful and democratic Ukraine, which simply wanted to follow its own, European path of freedom and civilizational development.

We have always been proud that MAG Cinema, the Ukrainian company, provides sound equipment for the Cannes Film Festival (this year as well), and we do consider this a significant achievement. And today Cannes gives a standing ovation to Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, who opened this iconic film event with his speech. The world today sounds Ukrainian, but at a horrific price of tens of thousands of innocent lives.

We are very grateful to the global community for the support we feel every day. While our Armed Forces are fighting for victory on the battlefield, we continue to work and produce high-quality sound equipment recognized by the entire world, and to support our warriors in every possible way. We are grateful to our customers for every order today, in which they tell us: “Hold on, we believe in you”.

Ukrainian sound will be at the Oscars too — we just need to win, and go forward to new dreams!


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