Revival of Elite Cinema in Ashbourne

Revival of Elite Cinema in Ashbourne

"Elite Cinema" made its big debut in the early 1930s in the small but vibrant market town of Ashbourne, Derbyshire, with a population of around 10,000. Despite its unfortunate closure in 1976 and subsequent repurposing until 2020, the history of the building, which served as a retail space and nightclub, ensures superior sound insulation.

Ultimately, the community's persistent collective efforts led to a comprehensive renovation plan. A plan particularly aimed at rejuvenating the city center and increasing its appeal, especially as small boutique cinemas have boomed in popularity recently.

The recent reconstruction faced significant challenges due to the building's various modifications over the years. Nevertheless, these obstacles were surmounted by positioning the projection surface before the arch to craft a cinema hall with optimal proportions. Notably, a retractable screen accommodates the dual function of the space, alternating between film showings and live theater performances. The auditorium now boasts 122 luxurious seats, including 114 cinema-style chairs and 4 sofas in the back.

The sound and projection installation, executed by CinemaNext, includes a Barco SP2K-7S laser projector and a MAG Cinema audio system. The screen speakers can also be temporarily removed and stored when not in use.

The MAG equipment installed features:

✔️ 3 x MAG Cinema SCR-25M – 3-way screen speakers

✔️ 14 x MAG Cinema SUR-83-8 – surround speakers

✔️ 2 x MAG Cinema SUB-428-88 – double subwoofers

✔️ 1 x MAG Cinema AQ-3000 – power amplifier

✔️ 1 x MAG Cinema AOH-6700 – power amplifier

✔️ 14 x MAG Cinema L83A – brackets

The Elite cinema and theatre's new amenities include a stylish bar and a dedicated wheelchair restroom accessible from the auditorium incl. an external lift. A lounge area and office are conveniently situated near the staircase, and the existing restrooms have been completely refurbished and modernized.

The Elite Cinema operates from Wednesday to Sunday, showcasing a weekly curated selection of 3-4 mainstream films. With its state-of-the-art facilities and intimate setting, it offers a unique cinematic and theatrical experience for the community. This revival marks a new chapter for The Elite, poised to become a cultural hub for Ashbourne.


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