The opening of the Ealing Picturehouse on the legendary Ealing Broadway in London

The opening of the Ealing Picturehouse on the legendary Ealing Broadway in London

Ealing Picturehouse in London, which opened late last year, has rapidly become one of the highlights of the city's cinematic community. Located in the new Filmworks complex on the legendary Ealing Broadway, the cinema features eight screens with a total of 900 seats, accommodating many guests comfortably.

The cinema complex is integrated with the entertainment center Boom Battle Bar, the specialty coffee shop Black Sheep Coffee, the local bar Teatro Hall, the award-winning ramen restaurant Kanada-Ya, and Butchies' fried chicken, providing plenty of delightful options for before or after a movie.

The theater equipment meets the highest industry standards, ensuring an exceptional image and sound quality. The installation of MAG Cinema sound systems has achieved a truly perfect immersive cinematic sound. The models installed include:

✔️ 21 x MAG Cinema SCR-15S – 2-way screen speakers
✔️ 3 x MAG Cinema SCR-22M – 3-way screen speakers
✔️ 6 x MAG Cinema W-SUB – double subwoofers
✔️ 3 x MAG Cinema V-SUB – subwoofers
✔️ 60 x MAG Cinema SUR-103 – surround speakers
✔️ 24 x MAG Cinema SUR-83 – surround speakers
✔️ 84 x MN Mounting Solutions WMT-20 – wall brackets

The innovative equipment and high-class acoustics transform the movie viewing at Ealing Picturehouse into an unforgettable cinematic experience, providing excellent visualization and deep immersion in the atmosphere of the films. Visitors can not only enjoy blockbuster movies but also arthouse films, making it a desirable destination for all cinema enthusiasts. 


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