CineCitta, Nuremberg. Premium sound for a premium place

CineCitta, Nuremberg. Premium sound for a premium place

CineCitta, a groundbreaking cinema that first opened its doors in Nuremberg in 1995, has evolved into a multifaceted entertainment complex over the years. This transformation became feasible when the city council abandoned a new library project, allowing the building to be repurposed for the expanding cinema. Today, CineCitta boasts 25 state-of-the-art movie auditoriums, making it one of Germany's most frequented and celebrated cinema complexes.

In recent years, the demand for premium cinema experiences has surged. CineCitta has responded to this trend by introducing its Deluxe auditoriums, featuring ultra-comfortable reclining seats, ample space between rows, and convenient tables. Patrons can enjoy restaurant-style service, ordering directly to their seats, eliminating the need to queue for snacks.

The latest addition, the Deluxe 5 auditorium, is the crown jewel of CineCitta’s offerings. Spanning approximately 7 x 8 meters and seating 31 guests, this intimate theater is equipped with the cutting-edge Dolby Atmos 3D sound system.

The team of ECCO Cine Supply and Service GmbH, a highly valued partner of MAG, took very well care of the integration and successful delivery of the recent upgrade. To maintain its premium status, ECCO & CineCitta chose MAG Cinema, a renowned Ukrainian manufacturer, for its acoustic solutions. The setup includes:

✔️ 3 x MAG Cinema SCR-435 – screen speakers

✔️ 3 x MAG Cinema V-SUB-4 – subwoofers

✔️ 22 x MAG Cinema SUR-408-8 – surround speakers

✔️ 2 x MAG Cinema F-SUB-4 – surround subwoofers

✔️ 2 x MAG Cinema LLS – wall mount bracket

✔️ 1 x MAG Cinema AO-8000 – power amplifier

✔️ 3 x MAG Cinema AO-6000 - power amplifiers

✔️ Various speaker mounts provided by MN Mounting Solutions Heimkino & mehr, MAG’s German dealer for our MAG Theatron division, visited this location and praised the immersive sound quality and depth of the cinematic experience. Their German-language review can be viewed here.  Additionally, they have created a 3D tour of the cinema hall, allowing virtual visits from the comfort of one’s home, accessible here.

CineCitta continues to redefine the movie-going experience, blending luxury, state-of-the-art technology, and exceptional customer service to create an unparalleled cinematic journey.


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