The Grand Opening of B&B Theaters in Red Oak, Texas: A Sonic Revolution

The Grand Opening of B&B Theaters in Red Oak, Texas: A Sonic Revolution

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, in the heart of Red Oak, Texas, a cinematic revolution began with the grand opening of B&B Theatres Red Oak 12. This high-end entertainment hub is the first in the state to provide a distinctive blend of cutting-edge technology combined with a wide range of leisure ​options.

This new multiplex features 12 screens equipped with advanced cinematic concepts including an exclusive amphitheater with 270-degree ScreenX viewing, 4DX, Grand Screen, screenPLAY!, Lyric, and Max Relax. The stunning theater complex is outfitted with the latest in laser projection each powered by an efficient MAG Cinema audio system, delivering supreme sound quality.

Beyond unparalleled cinematic experiences, the complex also houses an entertainment center with B-Roll Bowling, Outtakes Arcade, Pickleball and Bocce Ball courts, and Sterling's restaurant.

The New Era of Cinematic Sound

It must be said, the immersive sound experience at B&B Theatres is second to none. Every whisper, every footstep, explosion, and engine roar are conveyed with astonishing clarity and depth. The attention to auditory detail creates a sound landscape that envelops the viewers, making every movie a captivating auditory journey, fully immersing the audience in the world of the film.

This premium audio implementation was made possible through our highly valued partnership with Sonic Equipment in providing high-quality sound equipment. It is a testament to our commitment to continuously enhancing the cinematic experience. We are proud that MAG Cinema supplied the following audio system to B&B Theatres' largest venue to date:

The B&B Theatres Red Oak 12 represents a significant advance and step forward in cinema evolution. With a focus on superior sound quality, it offers viewing experiences that closely match the director's original vision. This is not just about watching movies; it's truly about experiencing them.

As we enter this new era of cinematic sound, B&B Theatres Red Oak 12 stands as a beacon, illuminating the path forward. It's more than a theater; it's a testament to the power of sound, a tribute to the art of cinema, and a promise of many more great things to come.

Centennial Celebration

MAG Cinema congratulates B&B Theaters on the opening of this remarkable venue and a century of cinematic excellence in bringing joy, inspiration, and entertainment to countless moviegoers and communities. Here's to another century of unforgettable cinematic moments and continued success. Happy 100th Anniversary, B&B Theatres!


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