American Cosmograph, Toulouse

American Cosmograph, Toulouse

The "American Cosmograph" is a historical gem among Toulouse's cinemas in France. Its first screenings date back to the distant year of 1907. The last renovation and redesign occurred in 1993 when it was known as "Utopia Toulouse." Its new owner, Jérémy Bretas, acquired "Utopia" in 2016 and recently decided it was time for a refresh to "reclaim the space".

A reconstruction was planned, involving upgrades to both the audio-visual equipment as well as the theater's aesthetics. In addition, the cinema's facade also underwent modifications. For the task of revitalizing the movie screens and sound system, CinemaNext, the largest provider of cinema solutions in Europe, was chosen as the contractor. They, in turn, opted for reliable and state-of-the-art sound equipment from the Ukrainian manufacturer MAG Cinema, a renowned global pro sound industry leader.

The grand reopening took place on September 5th and was supported by the Film International Festival du Grolandais de Toulouse (FIFIGROT), allowing an even larger audience to savor the revived "American Cosmograph.


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