SCR-412 - Cinema screen speaker

SCR-412 - Cinema screen speaker
Heavy duty
Rigid, reliable enclosure designs
Quality enclosure
Carefully designed own components
Constant experience
Superior sound experience for any theater size
Easily fit
Ease of connection with built-in passive crossovers

Extremely slim (less then 10 inch) screen speaker, SCR-412 fits into the tightest behind-screen space. Speaker’s sensitvity allows for much lower power amplifiers ratings, further reducing the project costs and enviromental impact.

Product description:

Cinema screen speaker

Type Cinema screen speaker
Acoustical & Electrical data
Frequency response (+3\-6 dB) 40 – 20000 Hz
Max continous SPL 2 121,5 dB
Sensitivity (1W/1m) (half-space) 1 97 dB passive
Sensitivity (1W/1m) (half-space) (in detail) 1 97 dB passive; 97 dB LF / 108 dB HF bi-amp
Driver 12” + 1”
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm passive; 4 Ohm LF / 8 Ohm HF Bi-amp
Rated power 3 300 W passive
Rated power (in detail) 3 300 W passive; 300 W LF / 50 W HF bi-amp
Coverage Horizontal 4 60°-90° variable
Coverage Vertical 4 +5 -35°
Connections and physical data
Connectors Barrier strip screw terminal
Dimensions (W x H x D) 565x849х250 mm
Net weight 30,2 kg
Gross weight 32,2 kg
Mounting 2xM5 floor mounting; 4xM8 bracket mounting
Enclosure materials Plywood, MDF; wear-resistant paint
Color Black

2 dBSPL RMS, IEC 60268-5 pink noise, measured on nominal power

1 dBSPL, IEC 60268-5 pink noise, 1 W / 1 m

3 2 hour power test, IEC filtered noise, 6 dB crest factor

4 Optimized coverage HF horn has a wider dispersion in the near-field and narrower in the far field. HF horn has a 40° vertical coverage and a radiation axis aiming 15° down from the horizontal plane. At an upper vertical threshold (5° up from horizontal plan) speaker has a horizontal coverage of 60°. At a lower vertical threshold (35° down from horizontal plan) speaker has a horizontal coverage of 90°