MAG THOR-P – is one of the most effective subwoofers in the cinema industry

MAG THOR-P – is one of the most effective subwoofers in the cinema industry

The sound in a modern cinema cannot be imagined without powerful low-frequency effects that almost affect you physically, forcing all the cells of your body to resonate with the flow of the scenes, battles, and cataclysms on the large screen. But not every subwoofer is capable of enough sound pressure to reproduce those features of the soundtrack that the movie creators put in their masterpieces. That is why we have used the extensive experience in the production of professional speakers to develop a subwoofer capable of creating such a depth of immersion in the movie action never possible before.

The product of 2022 –
MAG Cinema THOR-P is the much more versatile descendant of the legendary MAG THOR – known as the most advanced cinema subwoofer in the world. Taking advantage of the M-Force technology, it has become an icon, exceeding the expectations of the most demanding viewers, providing maximum sound pressure at the lowest frequencies far beyond the capabilities of traditional speaker systems for cinemas.

THOR-P was created to satisfy the highest demands as well, but in a more accessible way. Its 24” woofer driver with extended linear excursion and a nominal power of 2000 W is built according to classic transducer technology. But it became its pinnacle, embodying all our modern achievements in the creation of subwoofers.

First, it is passive and requires a conventional amplifier, which will help optimize costs and is more common for movie theaters. Secondly, the transducer of our own design and manufacturing eliminates dependence on third-party manufacturers and significantly speeds up deliveries, as well as the fulfillment of warranty obligations. Thirdly, it is more compact and weights 30% less. And finally, with a frequency range of 18 to 120 Hz and a peak SPL of 140 dB, THOR-P reproduces the deepest infra-low frequency effects of a cinema track beyond the capabilities of conventional subwoofers, setting new standards of reliability with a MAG warranty of up to 10 years.


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