MAG LED ERA 212 – Cinema LED Screen Speaker

MAG LED ERA 212 – Cinema LED Screen Speaker

LED Direct View screens are poised to revolutionize the cinematic experience with their stunning image quality and durability. However, they pose a challenge by blocking sound, rendering traditional behind-the-screen speakers ineffective. Fortunately, we’ve devised the perfect solution.

Introducing the MAG LED ERA 212 — a three-way narrow screen speaker meticulously designed for installation close to the screen. While placing speakers outside the screen often complicates precise sound placement, we’ve elegantly addressed this challenge by combining sound from multiple systems to achieve precise directionality.

This innovative approach offers several advantages over reflective systems, including reduced losses (especially in high frequencies), finer tuning, and more predictable outcomes, regardless of the display type, coating, or heating. The LED ERA 212 can be horizontally positioned above or below the screen, or vertically on the sides. Its adaptable mid-high section can be rotated for optimal coverage in any room orientation where you install it.

With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering reliability, the ERA 212 ensures crystal-clear sound reproduction. Its precise coverage control directs sound accurately into the listening area, minimizing losses and interference. Available in various versions for asymmetric coverage. 

The LED ERA 212 features a distinctive mid-high frequency section that offers flexibility, allowing rotation of up to 90° to suit vertical or horizontal speaker configurations. Moreover, different asymmetrical coverage versions are available, covering different optimal dispersions of C, LC, RC, L, and R speakers, and screen top or screen bottom positioning.


Immerse yourself in the latest blockbusters and timeless classics like never before, thanks to LED screen technology revolutionizing the cinema experience. Gear up with purpose-built equipment designed to enhance LED screen performance and prepare for future challenges. Explore the wide range of MAG Cinema speaker systems, perfectly suited for your next project.


More than just speakers! In addition to our wide array of speaker systems, amplifiers, and processing units, MAG Cinema provides a comprehensive turnkey solution that even includes consulting services and complete commercial cinema equipment packages. Our comprehensive packages cover everything from mounting accessories to pedestal stands and equipment racks. Experience the convenience of MAG Cinema’s all-inclusive approach by reaching out to your regional manager today!


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