MAG Cinema at CineEurope 2022

MAG Cinema at CineEurope 2022

Europe's premier film industry exhibition, CineEurope 2022, took place on June 20-23. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, a Film Expo Group's event was packed with product launches, cinematographic technology and innovation, as well as educational workshops to keep the film business up to date with industry trends.

Even during the war, MAG Cinema does not stop confirming its leadership in the field of film acoustics, so it cannot be aloof from such events, using them also as a platform for spreading information about the war in Ukraine and calling on the international community for support.

This year, we presented new product lines and focused on the technological advantages of our developments. But the main message remains that we continue not only to exist, but also to develop.

Further proof of our reliability as a supplier is the freshly opened warehouse center in Belgium, which will facilitate the smooth and timely supply of MAG loudspeakers to the global customer network. 


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